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Yoga for Early Childhood Development

In today’s world the level of stress and anxiety has skyrocketed to the point where a child’s mind can become easily overwhelmed. Children are intrinsically joyful, peaceful and compassionate. No child wants to feel uncomfortable, cranky, anxious or get in trouble; with so many external factors it can be challenging for children to connect with their authentic peaceful selves.

Yoga can provide children the tools to be both successful and creative learners by drawing them into the present moment to ground down, listen, feel, reflect and learn. With breathing exercises, mindful movement and opportunities to discuss their feelings, yoga creates a safe space and builds community while instilling confidence in oneself. These tools invite introspection allowing the mind and body to reset into a calm, focused, and connected state.

There are many benefits of introducing yoga at an early age and working together as a unit. (a unit can include family, friends, schools, etc.)

In my mind, the main purpose of yoga is to strengthen your body, mind and spirit by allowing both yourself and children to have an open mind and simply: begin.

It takes practice, discipline, commitment, passion, and the permission to rest.

With practice, we can instill in our children: healthy bodies, healthy values, healthy routines and an overall healthy mindset.

“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken adults.” ~ Frederick Douglas


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