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"On my recent stay to Miami I saw a sign for yoga on the beach. This northerner, who has been stuck in a jacket for months, was so excited to attend Jill's class and soak in the beautiful practice she led while getting a little sun! Jill has a unique ability to teach to all levels during her classes and made my husband and I feel welcome as soon as we stepped onto the mat. Don't miss a chance to be led through an invigorating, soul-healing practice!"

- Sim

"I always wanted to get into yoga, but never found an instructor that could cater to my lack of flexibility or give me the confidence I needed to start the process.  Jill worked with me on numerous sessions and I am now excited about what yoga can offer.  She gave me confidence, helped work on my flawed technique and had the patience that a group class could not provide me with.  I am now excited to pursue yoga because of Jill and to work on my health and flexibility.  I even had Jill work with my wife and my two children, ages 5 + 2.  As difficult as it is to demand children's attention, she made it fun for them and created a theme "yoga at the beach" which they were ecstatic over.  They immediately connected with Jill and cannot wait for their next yoga adventure with her."

- Dan Beiley

"Our time together with Jill was a fantastic, ocean side experience not simply another yoga session. We felt mentally and physically challenged while also feeling supported and accepted exactly as we are.  We felt very blessed to have met Jill and her session was an experience that we will take many great lessons from.  While it was a great physical workout,  the mental and emotional cleansing was what made it extra special!"

- Dana and Koni Grimsrud

"I was at the grand beach hotel in Miami beach for work and I had the chance to meet Jill every morning to start my meetings with recharged batteries and a heart full of strength and positive thoughts. Her voice and her flow are unique in the world, and this hour spent in her company allowed me to have a greater energy an a cheerful mindset for the whole week. I was truly waiting for that moment every day at 7:30 AM, Jill is also very kind, yet her class is quite challenging for your core, you will absolutely love it. Don't miss it!"

- Anne Meunier


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